Rules for Branch Change

  1. Once a Branch has been accepted by the candidate on being offered/ allotted by the admission committee during counseling, it shall NOT be changed for the entire first year.
  2. Change of Branch permitted ONLY in the third semester, provided there are vacant seats in the branch being sought by the student, subject the following conditions :-
    • Students of B.Tech. Agricultural Engineering are not entitled for a change of any other Branch and vice-versa.
    • Change of Branch is not permitted to candidates admitted directly to second year (lateral Entry) (Third semester).
    • Change of Branch will be awarded on the basis of merit prepared on the percentage of total marks of first semester plus the percentage of marks of all sessionals of the second semester. If a student is absent in any sessional examinations, ZERO marks shall be counted towards the percentage. Students must have minimum 75% attendance.
    • A student having back in any subject cannot be eligible for change of branch, payment of fee and claim to refund.
    • Change of Branch will be considered if the student has paid his semester fee. For SC/ST it will be as per govt. orders.

In case of any cancellation of admission the fee will be refunded as per the new guidelines of AICTE and the policy/ rulings made by CCS University.