Examination Procedure

The performance of a student in a semester shall be evaluated through continuous class assessment and end semester examination. The continuous assessment shall be based on class tests, assignments/seminars/quizzes/viva-voce. The end semester examination shall be comprised of theory papers, practical and viva-voce, evaluation of certified course work in classes and laboratories, project work, design reports or by means of any combination of these methods.

1.1 The planning of internal assessment/sessionals in all the courses of SCRIET may completely be defined by Dean/Director against the approval of Hon’ble Vice Chancellor. Any student remaining absent from any of the quiz/presentation/sessional or any other kind of internal assessment will not get any other opportunity of re-examination.

1.2 The distribution of marks for end semester theory papers, practical and other examinations, seminar, project, industrial training and general proficiency shall be prescribed by AKTU.

1.3 The final marks obtained in a subject shall consist of marks allotted in end semester theory paper, practical examination and sessional assessment.

1.4 The minimum passing marks in each theory subject (including sessional marks) shall be 40% for B.Tech. and 30% for MCA and MBA with a minimum of 30% marks in each theory paper in the external examination. If there is no provision of sessional marks in any subject, the minimum pass marks in that subject shall be 30% in external examination.

1.5 The minimum passing marks in a project/practical (including internal marks if any) shall be 50%.

1.6 The minimum passing marks in the viva-Voce related to industrial training and educational tour etc. shall be 50%.

1.7 There shall be no passing marks in General Proficiency (G.P). However, marks of General Proficiency shall be added to the result.

1.8 A candidate has to pass in theory paper and its practical and viva-voce of project separately as per rule prescribed under clauses 1.5, 1.6 & 1.7.

1.9 A candidate in order to qualify must secure 50% marks in the aggregate in a particular academic year inclusive of both semester of the academic year together with the conditions laid under the clause 1.5, 1.6 & 1.7.

2. Student Promotion

2.1 A candidate satisfying all the requirements laid down under 1.1 to 1.10 shall be promoted to the next academic year of study.

2.2 A candidate shall be eligible for the provisional promotion to the next academic year of study provided; “She/He fails to satisfy the requirement of clause 1.10 (theory and /or practical /project subjects) in not more than four theory subjects and/or two practical/project (for B.Tech.) and not more than half of total numbers of theory papers (for MBA and MCA), in combined examination of a particular academic year, secures 50% in aggregate in a particular academic year inclusive of both the semesters.” In case, he/she is eligible to be promoted in the next academic year under this provision, he/she will reappear in theory or practical in which he/she was failed whenever these are held by the institution as per schedule.

2.3 All other candidates who do not satisfy conditions laid down in clause 1.10 shall be declared fail and he has to repeat the whole academic year after taking as ex-student.