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Coordinator: Prof. Shailendra S. Gaurav

Department of Seed Science & Technology


Dr. Shailendra Singh Gaurav
Prof. & Ex. Head, Dept. of Genetics & Plant Breeding
Mob.: 9412782201/ E-mail:


 Department of Seed Science & Technology was established under Self Finance Scheme  in 2002.  The department offers M.Sc.(Ag.)  in Seed Science and Technology, a 2-years (04 semester)Master’s degree programme with an intake of 30 seats.  By opting for this course, the students get an in-depth knowledge regarding the seed industry, seed technology, testing, plant breeding, seed biology, testing and further more. In our country, where the majority of the population depends on the agricultural industry having a master degree in seed science and technology is extremely advantageous with vast scope. 


To impart basic and applied theory and practical based knowledge in different aspects of seed Science & technology. Basic, strategic and applied research on seed quality assessment, maintenance and enhancement.

To collaborate with  seed industry and other related organization for M.Sc(Ag.) dissertation and promotion of effective networking among  seed industry and allied agriculture industry.

Strengthening human resource development in seed science and technology through teaching and training

Scientists of Division are associated in various crop varieties development and their maintenance with the Division of Genetics in all mandate crops


Major areas of practical and research

Physical purity analysis

Germination test and Seedling evaluation

Emasculation, pollination and Hybrid seed production in Rabi and kharif crops

Seed Viability, seed vigour and dormancy test.

Seed priming.

 Morphological, Biochemical and molecular characterization of seeds.

Seed processing and Storage

 Different test of Seed pathology

Seed Biotechnology

Latest Updates

Programme/ Courses

The department is currently offering the following programmes of study:

M.Sc.(Ag). Seed Science & Technology

M.Sc.(Ag). Seed Science & Technology
About Programme:

Each student has to secure minimum 30% marks separately in internal and external assessment of each course and an aggregate of 40% marks in all the courses is for a pass. A candidate who fails to obtain 30% marks in internal assessment of any paper, he/she will not be eligible to appear in external examination of that course. It is a two–year (four semesters) full time, self–financed course. It covers both basic as well as applied courses. Based on the research work carried out, the students are also required to submit a project report.


2 Year (4 Semester) Course

Number of Seats:

Self Financed

Eligibility Conditions:

Bachelor‟s Degree in Agriculture/Seed science/ Biology Group (CBZ) with 50% marks.



Prof. Shailendra S. Gaurav

M.Sc.(Ag.), N.E.T, Ph.D.

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Programme Name Download New/ Revised Syllabus
M. Sc. (Ag) Seed Science and Technology
M. Sc. (Ag) Seed Science and Technology
M.Sc.(Ag). Seed Science & Technology



Well-equipped seed testing and Plant breeding laboratories

Facilities of seed biotechnology, seed physiology, storage and health testing of seeds

Large scale foundation and certified seed production of pulse crops

Vast field area for conducting practical and experiments

Major Equipment’s


Seed Germinator

BOD incubator

Laminar Air Flow

Mechanical Seed Divider

Double Distillation Water Unit

Bright field Stereo Microscope

Digital Lux Meter

Gel Electrophoresis system

Digital Moisture Meter


Hot Air Oven

Colony Counter

pH Meter

Digital Weighing machine

Physical Purity Analysis Board

Soil and water Analysis Kit

Grinding Mill




The degree holders of M.Sc. (Ag.) Seed Science and Technology have a great deal of options to choose from both in private as well as government sectors.

Some of the government office job opportunities are-

  • NSC (National Seed Corporation) – This government organization handles the production of certified seeds with the help of registered seed growers.
  • SSTL (State Seed Testing Lab)– These state-wise government body laboratories make sure to provide high quality and genetically pure seeds to the farmers.
  • CSTL (Central Seed Testing) – It is located in New Delhi at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute. It performs the same functions as the SSTL but with central powers.
  • There are some government sectors where candidates can apply and work after qualifying the competitive exams- 

    Seed Production Officer

    Assistant Seed Officer

    Seed Testing Officer

    Seed Certification Officer

    Seed Inspector

    Training Officer

    Apart from the government sector, there are numerous employment opportunities in the private sector as well. Some of which are-

    Nunhems– in the Seed Industry, Nunhems is a renowned name with a history of 25-years of excellence in India.

    Century– This private organization provides agriculture products and also deals with the distribution of daily-use vegetables in India.

    Mahyco– This private limited Company, established in 1964 initiates at providing high-end seeds to the farmers making them self-sufficient when it comes to food production.

    Hindustan Seeds Private Ltd. – It aims at providing high standard agro seeds in the nationwide market.

    Bejo Sheetal Seeds Pvt Ltd. – This private organization has encouraged research and development in agriculture. They also initiate young entrepreneurs on plant breeding and seed production training.

    These are some of the top private companies where postgraduates can apply for the following job profiles-

    Production Assistant

    Plant Supervisor

    Production Coordinator

    Production Manager

    Quality Control Office

    Zonal Officer

    Field Assistant

    Placed Alumni

    1. Name :- Mohit Kumar

    Passout:- 2019

    Post :- Area Manager(Am)

    Company :- Paras foods Ltd.


    2. Name - Ravi Prakash Verma

    Passout year - 2019

    My designation - Senior Executive

    Department - Market development (corporate office)

    Company:  Dayal Fertilizer Partapur Meerut


    Research & Publications


    S.No. Author Name Title Name of Journal Month Year of Publication
    1 Mr. Sahadev Singh Genetic, molecular breeding, and epigenetic studies for a variety of traits in wheat Annual Wheat Newsletter (AWN) 2021-09-01
    2 Mr. Sahadev Singh Single-trait, multi-locus and multi-trait GWAS using four different models for yield traits in bread wheat Mol Breeding 2021-07-29
    3 Mr. Sahadev Singh WheatQTLdb: a QTL database for wheat Mol Genet Genomics 2021-06-11
    4 Mr. Sahadev Singh Genetic and epigenetic studies for a variety of traits in wheat in genomics era Annual Wheat Newsletter (AWN) 2020-09-01
    5 Mr. Sahadev Singh Study of genetic Variability and Heritability of Yield and Its Components in forage Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench) Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry 2020-08-28
    6 Mr. Sahadev Singh Use of Degenerate Primers for Molecular Identification of Begomovirus Associated with Yellow Vein Mosaic and Leaf Curl Disease of Okra in Meerut (UP)” Global journal for research analysis 2018-06-01
    7 Mr. Sahadev Singh Inhibtory effect of commercial fungicides against virulent isolate of Rhizoctonia Solani” Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry, 2018-04-25


    S.No. Name Publication Title Publisher Year of Publication
    1 Mr. Sahadev Singh Chapter in an Edited Books Participatory Plant Breeding: An Overview 2019-10-20


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