Ch. Charan Singh University (Meerut) -2016
S. No Titles Name Status 
1 Acta Parasitologica Activated
2 Acta Sociologica Activated
3 Agricultural Reviews Activated
4 Agricultural Science Digest - A Research Journal Activated
5 American Journal of Botany Activated
6 Plant Science Bulletin (combined subscription) Activated
7 American Sociological Review Activated
8 Animal Behaviour Activated
9 Animal Biology Activated
10 Annals of Horticulture Activated
11 Applied Mathematics and Mechanics Activated
12 Biological Agriculture and Horticulture - An International Journal for Sustainable Activated
13 Biological Rhythm Research Activated
14 British Journal of Health Psychology Activated
15 British Journal of Psychology Activated
16 Chinese Journal of Polymer Science Activated
17 Comparative Studies in Society and History Activated
18 Computational Statistics Activated
19 Contemporary Education Dialogue Activated
20 Contributions to Indian Sociology Activated
21 Critical Sociology Activated
22 Crop Science (Online Only) Activated
23 Current Science Activated
24 Current Sociology Activated
25 Ecology Activated
26 Economic Botany Activated
27 Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis Activated
28 Educational Technology Research and Development Activated
29 Employment News Activated
30 Epigenatics Activated
31 European Journal of Horticultural Science Activated
32 Functional and Integrative Genomics Activated
33 Genetics (Online Only) Activated
34 Hort Science(Online Only) Activated
35 IIE Transactions (Package) Activated
36 Indian Economic & Social History Review Activated
37 Indian Historical Review Activated
38 Indian Journal of Agricultural Research Activated
39 Indian Journal Of Experimental Biology Activated
40 Indian Journal of Gender Studies Activated
41 Indian Journal Of Genetics and Plant Breeding Activated
42 Indian Journal of Horticulture Activated
43 Indian Journal of Labour Economics Activated
44 Indian Journal of Nematology Activated
45 International Journal of Applied Glass Science Activated
46 International Journal of System Assurance Engineering and Management Activated
47 Journal of Biological Rhythms Activated
48 Journal of Developing Societies Activated
49 Journal Of Discrete Mathematical Sciences and Cryptography Activated
50 Journal of Environmental Biology Activated
51 Journal of Helminthology (From 2015 Online Only) Activated
52 Journal of Information and Optimization Sciences (Foreign) Activated
53 Journal of Learning Disabilities Activated
54 Journal Of Materials Science and Technology Activated
55 Journal of Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology Activated
56 Journal of Polymer Research Activated
57 Journal of Postcolonial Writing Activated
58 Journal of Psychological Research Activated
59 Journal of Teacher Education Activated
60 Journal of the American Statistical Association Activated
61 Journal of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology Activated
62 Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society Activated
63 Journal of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry Activated
64 Legume Research Activated
65 Lifetime Data Analysis Activated
66 Margin-The Journal of Applied Economic Research Activated
67 Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews (from 2016 Online Only) Activated
68 Mycologia Activated
69 Nano Energy Activated
70 Nature Nanotechnology Activated
71 Opsearch Activated
72 ORYZA - An International Journal of Rice Activated
73 Parasitology International Activated
74 Perception Activated
75 Physiological and Biochemical Zoology Activated
76 Physiology and Molecular Biology of Plants Activated
77 Phytochemistry Reviews Activated
78 PMLA Activated
79 Proceedings Mathematical Sciences (Indian Academy of Sciences) Activated
80 Proceedings of The American Mathematical Society Activated
81 Psychological Studies Activated
82 Review of Research in Education Activated
83 Seed Science And Technology Activated
84 Slavic Review Activated
85 Sociology of Education Activated
86 Statistical Papers Activated
87 Studies in History Activated
88 Technometrics Activated
89 The American Sociologist Activated
90 The Botanical Review Activated
91 The International Journal of Plastics Technology Activated
92 The Journal of Educational Research Activated
93 The Journal of Horticultural Science and Biotechnology (From 2016 with T&F) Activated
94 The Russian Review Activated
95 The Slavonic and East European Review Activated
96 Vagarth Activated
97 Vegetos- An International Journal of Plant Research Activated
98 Vikalpa - The Journal for Decision Makers Activated