Department- Electronics and Communication

The Electronics and Communication branch deals with analog and digital transmission and reception of data voice and video, basic electronics, solid state devices, microprocessors, digital and analog communication, analog integrated circuits satellite communication, microwave engineering, antenna and wave propagation, VLSI and embedded system, digital signal processing. In order to ensure high standards of education for its students the department constantly upgraded itself by adding well equipped and fully furnished laboratories like:

  • Basic electronics & electronics Lab.
  • SCDC. (Semiconductor Devices and Circuits) Lab.
  • EMMI (Electrical Measurement& Measuring Instrument) Lab.
  • Network Analysis and Synthesis Lab.
  • Electrical Machines Lab.
  • FIT. (Fundamental oflnformation Technology) Lab.
  • PCB Design. (Printed Circuit Board Design) Lab.
  • Power Electronics Lab.
  • ICA(lntegrated Circuit & Application) Lab.
  • Digital Signal Processing Lab.
  • Communication System Lab.
  • Microprocessor Lab.
  • Microwave Lab.
  • Optical Fibre Communication Lab.
  • Electronics Switching Lab.
  • TV & Satellite Lab.
  • VLSI Lab.
  • Computer Organisation Lab