Department- Computer Science & Engineering

The department of Computer Science & Engineering is renowned for its cutting edge and for imparting state of the art education. We attract some ofthe brightest students and faculty. We invite you to join us in the excitement and be an active participant in the growth of the department. The aim of the department is to produce software engineers who would be the pillars of the Nation. The department is unique in having the qualified faculty in different disciplines of Computer Engineering (Database, Networking, Software Development etc.). The department develops not only good professionals in different specialized fields but also good citizens. The curriculum includes courses in major areas like Internet Networking, Software Engineering, Graphics, and Data Structure, advanced specialized courses in software and hardware fundamentals. The department maintains following well equipped labs to impart practical knowledge to the students:-

  • Internet Lab
  • Digitallmage Processing Lab
  • Web Technology Lab
  • Computer Graphics Lab
  • Networking Lab
  • DBMS Lab
  • AI Lab
  • Compiler Design Lab.