Department- Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering department had started from the year 2008 with a capacity of 60 students. Chemical Engineering includes research & development, designing, production & plant maintenance. Chemical Engineering plays a vital role in the production ofvarious products viz food, clothing, health & housing, drugs & pharmaceutical, paper industry & refineries, fertilizers, paint, sugar industry, distilleries, cosmetics, metal and cement etc. In the future this branch will prove itself as feather in the cap of the institute.

The department has the following well equipped labs:-

  • Engineering Chemistry Lab.
  • Chemical Technology Lab.
  • Process Instrumentation Lab.
  • CAD Lab.
  • Mechanical Operation Lab.
  • Energy Lab.
  • Fluid Flow Operation Lab.
  • Heat Transferoperation Lab.
  • Mass TransferOperation Lab.
  • Equipment Design Lab.
  • Chemical Reaction Engineering Lab.
  • Process Dynamics & Control Lab.