Anti Ragging

Prevention of Ragging

The Supreme Court of India, in Writ Petition No. (c) 656 / 1998 has directed that ragging in educational institulions in any form is strictly banned and should be prevented by taking appropriate measures by all technical and other educational institutions. Students and their parents are adviced to report to the Proctor / Director any instance of ragging in any form. The University authorities have been instructed by the Supreme Court of India, the State Govt. and the AICTE to lodge an FIR in the local police station against any student found including in any form of ragging as well as to punish him by sespension, rustication or expulsion depending upon the gravity of the offence. Every student will be required 10 submit a certificate duty counter signed by the father at the beginning of every academic year to say that he / she will not indulge/ participate / cooperate in any form of ragging inside or outside University or SCRIET campus.