Syllabus Common Minimum

Common Minimum Syllabus as approved by Academic Council from the session 2011-12 onward
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  B.Sc. Botany (I,II,III year) Updated on 28-11-2017
A Archaeological Anthropology :
  B.A. Part – I
  B.A. Part – II
  B.A. Part – III
  Advertising, Sales Promotion And Sales Management
  Agriculture :  
  B.Sc. Agriculture
B B.Com
  B.Tech :  
  Chemical Engineering
  Computer Science Engineering
  Electronics and Communication Engineering
  Electrical Engineering
  Information Technology
  Mechanical Engineering
  Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering
  Botany (B.Sc.)
  Botany (B.Sc. I, II & III year) Add In (Common Minimum Syllabus)
  Botany (M.Sc.) Add In (Common Minimum Syllabus)
  Botany (M.Phil.)
  B.P.Ed. :  
  Admission Test
  Physical Education (B.Sc./ B.A.)
  Bachelor of Physical Education
  Bachelor of Physical Education
  Norms of Modified Aapherd Physical Fitness Test
  University of … Marksheet Format
  B.Pharma :  
  B.Pharma 1 (Study & Evaluation Scheme)
  B.Pharma 2
  B. Sc. Biotechnology  
  B. Sc. Biotechnology Single subject
  B. Sc. Biotechnology Three Year Degree Course
  B. Sc.  
  B.Sc (Ag) Agronomy. - Semester Syllabus (updated : 12-04-12)
  B.Sc (Ag) - Semester SystemAdd In (Common Minimum Syllabus)
  B. Sc. (Botany) Add In (Common Minimum Syllabus)
  B. Sc. (Chemistry)Add In (Common Minimum Syllabus)
  B. Sc. (Computer Science)
  B. Sc. (Computer Applicaton)
  B. Sc. Electronics
  B.Sc. Geology
  B.Sc. Home ScienceAdd In (Common Minimum Syllabus)
  B.Sc Home Science (Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics) Updated (21-09-12)
  B.Sc. Home Science (Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics) Add In...
  B.Sc. Home Science (Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics)
(Correction and Modification in Distribution of Marks)
  B. Sc. Industrial Chemistry
  B. Sc. Industrial Microbiology
  B. Sc. Information Technology
  B. Sc. Instrumentation
  B. Sc. Physics
C Chemistry
  Chemistry (M.Sc.) Add In (Common Minimum Syllabus)
  Chemistry (M.Sc.) Add In (Common Minimum Syllabus)
  Chemistry (M.Sc. IV sem.) Add In (Common Minimum Syllabus)
D Defence And Stratgic Studies
Defence and strategic Studies (B.A./B.Sc.)Updated on 22-08-2012
  Drawing and Painting (B.A.)
E Early Childhood Care and Education
  Economics (B. A.)
  Education (B. A.)
  Education (B. A.) Add In (Common Minimum Syllabus)
  Education (M. A.)Add In (Common Minimum Syllabus)
  English (M.A.)
  English Language (B. A.)
  English Literature (B. A.)
F French Language
G Geography (B. A./ B.Sc. )
  Geography (M.A.) Add In (Common Minimum Syllabus)
H Hindi  
  Hindi (B.A.) I, II, III Year (Effective from year 2012-13)
  Hindi (M.A. Final) I, II, III, IV Sem. (Effective from year 2012-13)
  Hindi (M.Phil.) (Effective from year 2012-13)
  Hindi (B.A.) Add In (Common Minimum Syllabus)
  Hindi (B.A.) IInd & IIIrdYear
  Functional Hindi
  Hindi Language
  Hindi Literature
  Hindi (M.A.) (updated: 12-04-12)
  History (B. A.)
  History (B. A.) (Revised) Add In (Common Minimum Syllabus)
  History of Ancient India (B.A.)
  Home Science (B.A.) Add In (Common Minimum Syllabus)
  Home Science
  M. Sc. (HOME SCIENCE) Home Management (From 2012 – 2013 Onwards)
L Library & Information Science
M Mathematics
  M.Com.Add In (Common Minimum Syllabus)
  M.Ed. Course Add In (Common Minimum Syllabus)
  Vocal and Instrumental
  Music Vocal
  History of Indian Music and Other Technical Terms (M.A.)  
  Instrumental Music (B.A.)Add In (Common Minimum Syllabus)
O Office Management & Secretarial Practice
P Paramedical  
  Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT)
  B.Sc. in Health Information Administration (B.Sc.-HIA)
  B.Sc. in Human Nutrition (B.Sc.-HN)
  B.Sc. in Medical Laboratory Technology (B.Sc.-MLT)
  B.Sc. in Medical Microbiology (BMM)
  Persian Language
  Physics (M.Sc.) Add In (Common Minimum Syllabus)
  Physics (M.Sc.) Add In (Common Minimum Syllabus)
  Police Science
  Political Science  
  Political Science B.A. - I
  Political Science B.A. - II
  Political Science B.A. - III
  Public Administration
  Public Administration B.A. - I
  Public Administration B.A. - II
  Public Administration B.A. - III
R Rural Development
S Sanskrit (B.A. - I, II, III)
  Sanskrit Foundation Course (B.A., B.Sc., B.Com. and Others)
  Sanskrit (M.A. Semester System)
  Sanskrit (M.A. Private)
  Social Work
  Sociology Add In (Common Minimum Syllabus)
  Statistics (Revised)
U Urdu
W Western History  
  Syllabus B.A. - I
  Asian History (History and Culture of Asian Peoples) B.A. - I
  Syllabus B.A. - II
  Asian History B.A. - II
  Syllabus B.A. - III
  Asian History B.A. - III
  Women Studies
Z Zoology
  ZoologyAdd In (Common Minimum Syllabus)